Running Against The WindRunning Against The Wind - BruceBoys Filmworks – Due for release in 2017
Format: Super 16mm, filmed on Kodak Vision3, 1.66:1 widescreen, Digital Sound

Can an overworked professional embrace his inner child before he’s doomed to adulthood forever?



One Way Up Poster (100 x 141)One Way Up – Preproduction 2017

To escape the power of drugs and abuse, sometimes there is only one way up. Can Jess find




Stubborn-Poster100x141Stubborn – Released – Spring 2018

Sometimes, we get in our own way. ‘Stubborn’ is a music-driven quest to find a way out of one’s self and into a relationship with God. There’s a whole lot of stubborn in this room, but there’s no one here but me…